Dear Parents / Students,

We have entered into unchartered times in our education process. The current COVID-19 virus has moved us into challenging times.

The prime concern at the moment is for you and your family to stay healthy and safe.

On an educational front it is important to keep our work progressing.

Our staff are currently linking with 3rd and 6th years through Microsoft Office 365 as explained last Thursday. I urge students to please keep up with this work as guided by your teachers.

We have now set up this system for the non-exam students also. You will receive a text message with a username and password shortly. Please follow the clear instructions and set up your school Office 365 account. If you have any difficulty setting this up you can please email:

There will also be material posted on the website by subject departments relevant to each year group on a weekly basis.

If it is an extreme necessity for a student to get a book/material from the school this is possible by emailing for an appointment. You can also text 0871949673. Entry will be by the back gate and on an individual basis only.

Keeping a regular school schedule is vital at this time. The best way is to block off set times daily and to follow the lessons and revision plans given by the teachers.

Further guidance will be given through the school website.

Keep calm and follow all the relevant guidelines on social distancing issued from the government.

Wishing you continued good health.


Louis Mulqueen - Principal

March 19th 2020

Let's all work together to keep our school safe and germ free.

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