Board of Management

The introduction of the Board of Management represents a new perception of education as a community enterprise and of the College as a community of management, staff, parents and students united in a common purpose to achieve its educational objectives.

The Board consists of eight members selected as follows:

Four members nominated by the Trustees of the College, including the Chairperson

Two members elected by parents who are parents of students currently enrolled in the College

Two members of the permanent teaching staff elected by their permanent teaching colleagues.

Composition of the Board

Four members to be nominated by the trustees of the college who are currently,
Ms. Bríd De Bruin, Ms. Ruth McInerney, Ms. Sinead Noonan and Mr. David Honan

Two parents of children currently in the college, to be elected by parents whose children also currently attend the college. Currently they are Mr Sean T. Ruane and Ms. Hilda O’Connor

Two permanent, full-time lay teachers, to be elected by their permanent, full-time lay teaching colleagues and they are currently, Mr Martin Ronan and Ms Norma Cahill

Members of the Board of Management 2018

Ms. Bríd De Bruin (Chairperson)
Mr. Louis Mulqueen (Secretary)
Ms. Ruth McInerney
Ms. Sinead Noonan
Ms. Hilda O’Connor
Mr. Sean T. Ruane
Mr. Martin Ronan
Ms. Norma Cahill
Mr. David Honan