1st Year Coursework



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Chapter 1 (natural numbers). Revise your notes during the week, then have a go at the attached revision sheet above - REV 1.


English Revision – Week beginning the 18/05/’20

Students should revise course work outlined by individual teachers for summer assessments.

Week beginning 5th May 2020

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Course work for week ending 27th March


Find a photograph of someone you would like to be for a day. You can choose anyone you wish eg the President of Ireland, a famous sports or film star etc. Begin with 'Oh, I really wish I was...'. Write approximately one A4 page describing what your day would be like.


Write a set of instructions for teenagers under one of the following headings:

1) How to behave in a hotel restaurant
2) A guide to dining in fast - food outlets
3) Rules for school lunch breaks
4) Eating meals at home
Aim for 8 - 10 sentences, beginning with a verb eg 'Take your seat carefully'. Your tone can be serious or humorous.


Write a series of diary entries, aim for 3, where you describe your thoughts on and reaction to the Corona virus outbreak.


Carry out some research to find a poem, story, book or film that appeals to you and that features a young child. Write out the text of a 2 minute presentation you could give to your class saying why you would recommend it to other students. You could mention descriptive language, plot, setting, relevance to your life etc. Afterwards create a colourful poster to accompany your talk.



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The work set concerns both Mr Queally’s and Ms Ciuperca’s 1st Year groups.


coursework - 30th March to 5th April

coursework - 20th April to 26th April


Art teachers have assigned work directly to classes through teams



Hi everyone

Hope that you enjoyed doing your project on Music of the world and focusing on Aboriginal Music and that you felt you learnt something new. For next Monday the focus will be on Irish Traditional Music instruments. I would like you to pick Irish traditional instruments and give a brief description of each and then name a performer associated with each of those instruments.

Finally I would like you to choose one of those performers and write a detailed biography on the performer.
Try to open the document on a computer or laptop if possible.

Click here for document, save to your computer and complete.

Coursework for 30th March.

Music of the World.
Read pages 129, 130 and 131 in your Music book.

Do research on Aboriginal music... comment on instruments, song tradition, and present your findings on a poster, and include some historical information.
Please photograph your poster and send to your music teacher by next Monday, 30th March.

Course work for week ending 26th April