This statement of the ethos and characteristic spirit of Rice College, C.B.S. is intended for the information of both prospective teachers who may be considering applying for work in our college and also for intending pupils and their parents who may be considering applying for enrolment in the college. It is suggested that it should be read with care and its implications considered carefully. Please bear in mind that it is the ethos statement only and it is not intended to and does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of any sort in relation to any service that may be demanded, and is intended for information only. It should help you decide if our college is the one to which you should apply either for employment as a teacher or to have a child admitted as a student.

Inspired by the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice, the Christian Brother School gives priority to education in a living faith whereby students grow to appreciate the life and mission of Jesus Christ with a view to being committed to the world as he was. Has a special concern for the poor and underprivileged. His aim was to develop a curriculum which promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person.

The Christian Brother School works at forming a community composed of students, teachers, parents, management and other staff.

This community

  • Seeks to live the Gospel values
  • Recognises the dignity of each individual
  • Contributes to the building up of the local community
  • Works for peace and justice in society

The central purpose of the school community is the religious, moral, intellectual, physical and social education of the student. This community seeks to create the atmosphere of Christian care and concern in which the student can grow to maturity.