Education, in its fullest sense, is concerned with the development of the spiritual, intellectual, creative and emotional potential of each person. Catholic education seeks to achieve full human development by modelling itself on the person of Jesus Christ. Rice College, Ennis, is a Catholic school and consequently it endeavours to educate its pupils in accordance with the Christian principles outlined in the gospels.

The management, staff and pupils of the school continually and consistently endeavour to cultivate an atmosphere within the school, which is imbued with the Christian spirit of concern and caring for each other. The dignity and worth of each person, from the senior staff member to the junior student, is valued not because of gift, rank or age but because they are unique persons and God's children. The difficulties of one are the concerns of all. Parents and prospective parents should be fully aware of the Christian character of Rice College. They should feel at ease with the aims, ideals and Christian values of this school and try to promote these in their own homes. Where there is conflict between the values of the home and school, the pupil may feel insecure and consequently education can be hampered. Parents are, after all, the primary educators of their children. It is vital that the values of the home and the school are in unison.

Looking forward to your continued support in our important task of educating our pupils.

Yours sincerely,

Louis Mulqueen - Principal

louis mulqueen principal of Rice College Ennis

Rice College is a Droichead School