2nd Year Coursework


English Revision – Week beginning the 18/05/’20

Students should revise course work outlined by individual teachers for summer assessments.

Coursework from the 5th May 2020

Coursework from the 27th April 2020

Please revise your completed novel. 

As you revise make notes on; the opening chapterthe closing chapterconflict in the novel, a character who has to make a difficult decisionand a major theme in the novel with a view to completing a Novel Question/Task next week.



coursework for the following weeks

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Revise chapter 1, Algebra, reading through your notes first then trying the questions from pages 22/23.


coursework for the following weeks


Art teachers have assigned work directly to classes through teams


The Renaissance Period in Music

  • Read pages 103/104 explain trio/quartet/barbershop quartet/chamber choir
  • Pg 105-write 5 points on the Renaissance Period
  • Explain madrigal/rondeau/ballade/German lied
  • What does consort mean?
  • What does range mean?
  • Name 4 types of recorders
  • What is the range of a descant recorder? Draw the lowest note and highest note on a stave.

Work is to be submitted on April 3rd by 11am.


coursework for the following weeks

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The work set concerns only Mr Queally’s group.


coursework 30th March to 5th April

coursework 20th April to 26th April