3rd Year Coursework


English Revision – Week beginning the 18/05/’20

Students should revise course work outlined by individual teachers for summer assessments.

Coursework from the 5th May 2020

Coursework from the 27th April 2020

Please revise both novels

As you revise make notes on; the opening chapter, the closing chapter, conflict in the novel, a character who has to make a difficult decision, and a major theme in the novel with a view to completing a Novel Question/Task next week.


coursework for the following weeks

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While working on your revision exam papers, you could also start revising the Algebra chapters on your course
Algebra 1/Factors/Quadratic
Equations/Algebra 2 and Simultaneous equations


coursework for the following weeks

Dia daoibh!

Tá súil agam go bhfuil páipéar A agus B déanta agaibh.

An tseachtain seo, caithfidh sibh Páipéar C a dhéanamh (agus an cluas tuiscint), agus rinneamar PowerPoint ar an mblag (ceist 10) chun cabhrú libh conas Blag a scríobh. Baineann an PowerPoint le comórtas éigin. Léigh an PowerPoint agus scríobh bhur mblag a bhaineann leis an téama sin. (This week, do sample paper C including the listening comprehension, and read our PowerPoint presentation on how to write a blog. Then write your own blog based on any competition you have attended, using the key words and phrases to help you. See can you improve upon the blogs you have already written from papers A and B).

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Gnáthleibhéal Gaeilge

coursework for the following weeks

As we are currently revising how to write blogs, please translate the sentences from Blags A, B, and C from English into Irish. A sample blog from 2019 has also been given to you (same one from last week).

Solution will be forwarded to you during the week to help you.

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coursework for the following weeks


Art teachers have assigned work directly to classes through teams


coursework - 30th March to 5th April

coursework - 20th April to 26th April


coursework for the following weeks

# 2019 to 2015 short questions all to be answered into exam papers. Use book and any other guide to fill in all answers.

# Woodwork portfolio. Finish off brief up to and including working drawings of project.



coursework for the following weeks