Announcement by the Minister for Education, Ms. Norma Foley

Rice College Board of Management welcomes the recent announcement by the Minister for Education, Ms.Norma Foley, that a major multi-million euro extension will take place in the Rice College campus in Ennis.

This development commenced over nine years ago with the prudent purchase of the Riverside building adjacent to the college and now, with the assistance of the Department of Education we will see the provision of up to 13 additional classrooms along with many specialist rooms across a range of faculties. By any standards, it represents a major advance in the post-primary educational infrastructure of Ennis. Over time, this development will lead to further employment with additional teachers and further ancillary staff in the secretarial, maintenance and catering areas.

Rice College will be in a position to broaden its curriculum and expand its services in the STEM fields of learning (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The new facilities will also provide for the expansion of services for students with special needs. A designated suite for the provision of education and support to autistic students will be part of the new development.

With the additional accommodation, Rice College will be in a position to expand the number of student admissions from first year onwards. This, as many parents will know, has been a major challenge for post-primary schools in the Ennis area for several years.

This exciting news means that, once the project is completed, Rice College will be in a position to further enhance the already excellent quality of education for our students, and provide improved teaching facilities for current and future staff.


Louis Mulqueen,
Rice College, Ennis