Grapevine Magazine 2018

The Grapevine magazine is produced by TYs every year, which details what goes on in Rice College both inside and outside of school hours. Feature articles, class photos, jokes, memes, student and teacher awards….the list is endless! This magazine has been a long-standing tradition for so long that it is now deemed as being a vital part of recording details of Rice College life.

To all our sponsors we thank you deeply for your support, as without their help and contributions, we would not be able to produce our magazine.

The Grapevine Magazine will be on sale in the final term, so make sure that you get your copy early!!

The Grapevine Committee,

Grapevine Cover 2017

Karina Fafara (2.4) designed and created the poster for last year’s Grapevine magazine. She based her design around bright and colourful images relating to the main subjects taught in Rice College. She is inspired by her father who is a caricature artist and also by artists Mark Crilley and Baylea Jae. She chose art this year as she loves the subject. The Grapevine team would like to take this opportunity to thank the very talented Karina for her hard work.


Principal’s Message: Grapevine Magazine 2017

I firmly believe that the Grapevine Magazine is one way that helps to enrich the positive elements of Rice College and our ethos. This annual magazine highlights the events that have happened in our college during the school year 2016/2017. I really value the work that goes into its production every year.

This year, I would again like to thank the Transition year team for undertaking the production and publication of this excellent piece of work and for the endless time and effort they have put into this magazine. It is a credit to their fine endeavours and to the guidance they have received from their editor-in-chief Clodagh Power. Being involved in this process is a valuable learning situation that helps the process of life-long learning. Thank you for enhancing the richness of our school with your efforts.

I would also like to thank our sponsors for their support of the magazine.  Please support them when the opportunity arises.

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading this publication of Grapevine and that it provides some fun memories of the year that we have had in our school.

Louis Mulqueen